Custom Wall Shields

Custom Made 1' to 4' Wall Shields to Meet Your Department's Desire

All of our Wall Shields are custom made for you. We offer our standard Wall Shield that can replicate your department’s helmet shield or be something of your own design. We offer them in sizes from 1′ to 4′. Our Picture Wall Shield is a great way to display the many great photos your department has. Like our standard Wall Shield, the Picture Wall Shields can be customized as well. We offer our Picture Wall Shields in 3′ and 4′ sizes. Our 3′ Picture Wall Shield makes a great retirement gift. 30 4″x6″ pictures are needed and you can either mail us the photos or email them to us.

Once you let us know what you are looking for and give us some idea of the kind of style/design you are looking for, we make up a rendering of what the finished product will look like and send that to you. From there we can make any changes that you want until it is exactly what you want.

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